Helloween Chameleon

Helloween - Chameleon

Germany’s Helloween are a pioneering force in the power metal genre and are considered the founders of German melodic speed metal. Since the band was founded in 1984, Helloween have released fifteen studio albums, three live albums, three EPs, and twenty-seven singles, and have sold more than eight million records worldwide. The band are still touring and recording, and are currently on tour in Japan.

Chameleon is the band’s 5th studio album, released in 1993. It was the band’s last album for EMI and also last to feature vocalist Micahel Kiske, where the band explored wider musical avenues like adding synthesizers, horns, acoustic guitars, and violin to their tracks. It is considered their most musically adventurous release. This double-vinyl gatefold album has been re-mastered from the original tapes, pressed on high quality heavy-weight vinyl and the artwork has faithfully replicated the original release.

The band has been involved in putting together and approving the release. Reviews of this title will be actively solicited from all relevant specialist and mainstream media. It will also be promoted via the Noise website and facebook pages.

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